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Getting Started

welcome to exact healthcare!

We are excited to work with you. This short guide should cover everything you need to know. For extra help, just reach out to help@exacthealthcare.com

Getting Started Guide for Physicians

Step 1
Create Your Account

Click here to create an account.

You’ll need to provide a phone number that can receive text messages. Don't worry – this will never be visible to patients.

Welcome aboard! After you log in, click your name in the upper right hand corner. Click through the tabs under "Your Profile" to finish setup.

Step 2
Make a Plan

Now you'll create your first membership plan. This is the fun part.

Click on "Plans" in the top menu, then "Create New." Enter a name for your plan (for example "Premium Access"), a member limit, and the price. Patients can pay annually or quarterly, but you just set the annual price and we calculate the quarterly rate.

Next, write a public description of your plan. This should describe who it’s for and what it offers.

You can then configure premium appointment services – like extended visits and priority scheduling. Be sure to indicate who will receive appointment requests from patients.

Finally, you can determine who patients can contact on this plan. For each person, you’ll choose the contact methods and access hours. Your patients get unique phone numbers for each contact that forward to the real numbers during access hours.

To add others, like a nurse or staff member, just click "Team" in the top menu. Once they register, you can add them as contacts on your plans.

Step 3
Spread the Word

Your plan is now live, and patients can sign up! All you have to do now is tell them about it.

The public link for sign-up is available by clicking “Plans” in the top menu. Share the web address in after visit summaries, business cards, posters, and flyers in your office. We also recommend mailing a letter with the link to your entire panel.

Let us know if you want a QR code or help making any marketing materials.

Step 4
Approve Patients

When a patient signs up for a plan, you'll get an e-mail indicating that you need to approve or reject the membership. Patients are not charged unless their memberships are approved.

If you approve a patient that is not already part of your panel, make sure that your team registers them in your EHR system.

All memberships renew automatically at the end of each term, unless the patient decides to cancel.

Step 5
Just be Great

You're all set! Make your scheduler knows they'll be getting requests over email, and do your best to get back to patients quickly. There's a list of the most recent calls and text messages on your homepage, in case you may have missed someone.

You'll get a check mailed to you each month for the income earned to date, minus any fees.


A lot happens between
office visits. With Exact
Healthcare, patients pay you
a membership fee that
covers calls, messages,
paperwork, and more.


Feel burned out after a day full of fifteen minute
appointments? Offer longer, no-rush appointments.
You’ll be a better,
happier doctor.


Like having your income depend on the whims of politicians and Medicare administrators? Use Exact Healthcare to set the value of your time and establish dependable revenue.