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We bet you
have some questions.

Wait, how does this work exactly?

Exact Healthcare allows physicians to create customized membership plans for patients, offering premium service to secure revenue outside of third-party reimbursements. It’s like concierge medicine, but more flexible. We take care of the logistics, and there’s no upfront cost or risk to doctors.

Why would I want to do this?

In conventional medical practice, you’re really working for insurance companies and Medicare. They decide how much your time is worth. With Exact Healthcare, you work more directly for patients again. Set the terms of your engagement and create recurring revenue that empowers you to practice on your terms.

What kind of services do I provide to patients using Exact Healthcare?

Most physicians offer a combination of increased access (e.g., the ability to call or text you directly), longer appointments, and priority appointment access. You can customize each of these options, or exclude some altogether. You can set business hours on phone access, which are enforced by our platform, so you aren’t always on call.

But I’m already offering many of those services to existing patients, for free.

We understand you always want to do the right thing for your patients. But there’s only so much “you” to go around. You’re going to get stretched too thin. Exact Healthcare lets you set a value on your time and set clearer expectations.

Can I use Exact Healthcare in my current practice?

Most likely. If you’re in independent/private practice, you can get started today. If you’re an employed physician, you’ll need to look at your contract and/or speak with your employer to decide how Exact Healthcare fits into your current model. We’re happy to join that discussion if it’s helpful.

How much can I make?

Most physicians earn between $1,500 – $2,500 per patient per year. If you register 200 patients, that’s ~$400,000 per year of extra income.

Who is behind this?

Exact Healthcare was created by physicians. We know contemporary clinical practice, and we are here to help. Click here for more information about us.