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Patient Information
The best doctors

The best doctors. Now offering the best service.

Exact Healthcare empowers closer doctor-patient relationships, helping you can get the care you need, whenever you need it.

What does the price include? Does insurance pay for this?


The monthly price (paid quarterly or annually) covers premium access as well as additional services such as education and counseling, as noted in the plan description. It does not include the cost of office visits, labs, or procedures unless otherwise noted. You will still be responsible for co-pays according to your insurance plan. Most insurance plans do not cover membership costs although it is often possible to pay out of a FSA/HSA. Check your plan details.

What happens after I sign up for a plan?


You’ll hear directly from the doctor within twenty-four hours for an initial conversation to ensure a good fit. This is especially important if you’re not already an established patient with the doctor.

If you and the doctor agree to move forward, your membership will become active, and your card will be charged. You’ll also schedule your first appointment within the guaranteed time frame.

If either you or the doctor decides it’s not a good fit, the membership is cancelled and your card is never charged.

What level of service can I expect?


Each doctor customizes his or her own membership plans, with the exact level of service described on the doctor’s plans page. In some cases, direct contact with your doctor may not be possible at all hours. We guarantee, however, that you will receive the level of service described, and will refund your membership fee if there is a service dispute that cannot be quickly resolved.

When should I call my doctor?


You can call your doctor directly whenever you have a concern or question that can’t wait until the next appointment. For the sake of keeping your doctor healthy and well-rested, however, we recommend that you avoid calling during off-hours unless the matter is really urgent. Also, if you have a routine request that can wait a few days and an office staff member can handle, like a medication refill, the patient portal may be more appropriate.

How do I get my doctor’s phone number?


If you subscribe to a plan that offers direct phone or text message access, the phone numbers will be viewable in your dashboard when you click “Login.”

What if the doctor offers direct phone access, but doesn’t answer when I call?


In most cases, you should hear back within an hour; however, in some cases, it may take a bit longer, if your doctor is busy with another patient or in an area with poor reception. If you are consistently failing to get timely responses, please let us know at help@exacthealthcare.com. If we can’t resolve the service issue with your doctor, we’ll issue a refund for the remaining time on your plan.

How do I request an appointment?


If your plan offers extended appointments, priority scheduling, or other premium appointment-related features, be sure to request your appointment from our platform so it goes to the right person. Just click “Login” and then select “Appointments.”

Who is behind this?


Exact Healthcare was created by physicians who wanted to provide better, more continuous care than the current healthcare model typically allows.