Made Perfect

Exact Healthcare returns control to physicians by turning patients into members.

Set your terms, enjoy your work, and protect your income. Work for patients, not their insurance companies.

Use our online platform with your existing practice and get started today. Really.

Each year doctors are asked to do more, for less.

Patients have more comorbidities, take more medications, ask more questions, and have higher expectations.

Meanwhile, insurance companies make it harder to get paid and cut reimbursements.

Exact Healthcare gives you control again.


A lot happens between office visits. With Exact Healthcare, patients pay you a membership fee that covers calls, messages, paperwork, and more.


Feel burned out after a day full of  fifteen minute appointments? Offer longer, no-rush appointments. You’ll be a better, happier doctor.


Like having your income depend on the whims of politicians and Medicare administrators? Use Exact Healthcare to set the value of your time and establish dependable revenue.

It’s not concierge medicine.

It’s whatever works for you and your patients.


Create membership plans with premium services, and unlock a new revenue stream that empowers you to practice on your terms.

All with a platform that’s super flexible, can work within your existing practice, and has much lower fees than MDVIP and SignatureMD.


1. Create Custom Membership Plans

After creating an account, you’ll design one or more plans, determining their features and annual price. Features can include longer appointments, priority scheduling, and direct phone access. You can set the hours when you’re available, and don’t have to be on call 24/7.

2. Start Enrolling Patients

We’ll help you spread the word. Patients register for your plans on our platform, which handles all billing and legal concerns. 

3. Just Be Great

Just take care of your patients and be a great doctor. We’ll handle the rest and send you a check each month.

Take the first step.
Start a conversation with us.

You worked hard to become a doctor.

You deserve better than a rushed, high-stress practice controlled by insurance companies and administrators.

We’d love the opportunity to tell you what’s possible with Exact Healthcare.



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Simplified Summary

Exact Healthcare provides a new platform that helps doctors provide premium services to their patients.